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We are reading a big book this week titled “Seeds”.


Because there are a few students who will be leaving early this week to head out on Spring Break, we did not do a Predictable Chart, however we did do several neat Inquiry Based things in Science.  I like to begin almost all my themes/units with a KWL/OWL chart to asses where my children are at and what they are interested in.  We completed the “K” portion of this chart first, then after Observing the seeds (see below) we completed the “O” portion and the “W” (wonder) section.  I like to change the “W” from “What we WANT to Learn” to “What we WONDER” because it gets the children asking questions of the “I Wonder…” variety, something that is holding them back from exploring the world!  At this young age, they know what they want to learn about somethings, but they have no basis to draw from for many Science concepts (some do!!).  Asking “I Wonder…” questions sets the ground work for them to wonder, so ALL of my KWL charts are either KOWL or OWL charts. 





This is the “Wonder” section continued…


I gave each table of children a random container of seeds that I had leftover from previous vegetable plantings:

Here is the result:





Today, Tuesday, we planted all kinds of vegetables in Containers.  My kids took such an interest in the Seeds book that I went and got many of the seeds mentioned in the story.















The next few months (until the end of May) will be spent on growing things/plants/bugs/insects/Monarchs/Jack and the Beanstalk/and anything else that fits in to one of these categories! 🙂


Kristen 🙂

President’s Day #4 and #5

Thursday, we completed the graph that went with our Patten Block Snowflake (PDF page under “P”).  

We also read Silly Sally and I showed the children how to act out the story using the Drama Props.  We also did Cut Up Sentences and we really got some of the sentences mixed up! 🙂  We also completed our first 6×6 Sudoku puzzle (using shapes) and have started on another one.  

We also checked in on the Monarch Butterflies in Mexico and watched a slideshow from

We watched a movie about Dental Health and will talk more about that and Nutrition next week. I reviewed some of the basic topics covered in the movie (I got it from Colgate a few years ago, along with teeth brushing booklets and toothpaste samples and coupons and a board game).  They still offer them, however you have to request them in September to be sure to get them in February each year.  They are available in English and Spanish. 

I also spent some time after school organizing my books by month/theme.  They were like this already on the bookshelf, but I couldn’t find them when I needed them, so I decided to switch to this:





I’m still working on it, but basically each month has it’s own tub/or theme has it’s own tub and they are in the order that I use them in the year.  I am in the process of dumping things out of other tubs to steal them to use for this project! 🙂  When the month changes, I can just pull the tub I need and set it on my bench and pull books from there all month long and then put it back on the shelf when I’m done with it and pull the next tub.  I also need to have a general tub for books that can be read anytime.  My hope is to take up some of the next shelf as well and add more books to each tub that are scattered around the room in several places.  Today, after school, I plan on tackling the Library Work Station to reclaim my Arthur and Clifford books–hey, those are in tubs–I can steal those tubs too! 🙂


On Friday, I had the children play a different heads/tails game:




The children had to shake a penny in their small Dixie cup and then pour it out gently on their paper.  They then had to cut out the appropriate picture and glue it on their graph.  After 10 minutes, I stopped them and they totaled up their graphs and wrote those numbers down.  We again, made a class graph to show the results of everyone’s papers and found that heads was again, most likely to come up! 🙂

I also introduced the children to a game I learned from my friend Karen Berman, called Enchanted Forest:

You will need Attribute Blocks: 


or some other manipulative that has at least two attributes (like these farm animals have two sizes and are 8 kinds of animals, and come in several colors):


Here’s how you play:

1. Each child randomly picks one attribute block (I dump them all out on the floor and have a few children at a time choose one)

2. They put the block on the floor in front of them and you look to see what attributes you have to choose from (thick, thin, red, blue, yellow, big, little, etc.)

3. Choose an attribute and do not tell the children what it is.  (for example, thin, yellow shapes)  You can pick one, two, or three attributes.

4. Have each child one at a time ask you, “Will this key get me into the Enchanted Forest?”

5. If the shape meets your criteria, then you answer yes and that child lays their shape on the floor in front of you.

6. If you say “No”, then the child returns the shape to you and you put it away.

7.  Let everyone have a chance to ask and then ask if anyone knows what the “key” was.  

8. I then put the shapes back on the floor and we play again and again and again!  They beg to play! 🙂


Have a great weekend!

Kristen 🙂

Monarch Butterfly Power Point




Hi Everyone!

I haven’t had time to take pictures in the last two days because we’ve been so busy!

Monday, we celebrated Chinese New Year by reading our Big Book for this week called “Little Panda” The Story of Hau Mai.  It came with our Scott Foresman Reading Series that we got last year.

We also made paper lanterns from red constuction paper for the children to take home and to help them wish good luck to the members of their family.

Monday was a blur as my assistant was out and it was just me on duty! 🙂

Tuesday, we went to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the children did a GREAT job, so great in fact that we are trying to come up with a way to tell them thank you for their wonderful behavior–Any Ideas?? Something that won’t cause them to go crazy, because we want to emphasize GOOD behavior! 🙂

Wednesday, as I sit here, I am home from school because we had a snow day today–10 inches of snow fell outside my door last night!  That’s in addition to the 2+ inches we already had on the groud!

Thursday, I was supposed to speak at the ICE-Indiana Computer Educator’s Conference, but it got canceled due to the weather–so maybe next year!?!  My presentation was called Monarch Migration and Technology in Kindergarten.  I made a Power Point for it (Monarch Butterfly Jeopardy), so I’ll post that in just a minute.

Next week, we have two 1/2 days and I begin assessments again for report cards in the middle of March.  This round is one of the fastest because many children will master most of the skills at this point in the year.  I will be out next Friday to attend the HASTI (Hoosier Association of Science Teachers Inc.) conference with two other members of my Kdg. team.  Next week, I will also be presenting at our district Kindergarten meeting (once every two months all the Kdg. teachers in our district get together to discuss current topics)  I will be presenting on Literacy Work Stations and offering a list of technology/Kgd. appropriate websites to use in our classrooms.

I made the presentation for LWS in Power Point, so I will run and get my jump drive and be right back to post it in another post! 🙂

For parents of children in my classroom: The copy machines are not working properly, so until further notice, there will be no homework coming home with your child–I will try to get it scanned and put here or on our classroom blog so you could print it out at home if you wanted to.  Sorry about that! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

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