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Long Overdue Update

Yes, it’s me…waiting until the last possible moment on Sunday to update…keeping you all on the edge of your seats no doubt! 🙂


The last two weeks have been hectic to say the least and I’ve been snapping photos here and there, so this post will just be a mish-mash of them all.  As always, let me know if you have any questions!

There are a group of Kindergarten teachers from my district getting together tomorrow to start working on planning our first IB unit and then the week after that, several of us are getting together to plan our Holidays Around the World theme, so I’ll  post that for sale, once I get it all together! 🙂


On to the photos:


One of our standards this quarter is measurement (this will be a stretch!) and this game is from the Developing Number Concepts book (the new one).  This is the build a tower race.  I taught this game to the children so that they would become more familiar with stacks of cubes up to 9 (there is another sheet for 4-9).  The children roll a number die or a dot die and build a tower with that many cubes.  I told my children to play until they filled up one number’s row entirely, then take all the cubes off and start over.


We had our Ice Cream Election the first Tuesday in November and the next few pictures will show you what we did.  I will say that we were able to take a quick tour of the polling place at our school.  I was just going to walk my children through so they could see it, but the Polling Inspector had prepared a 5 minute talk that was just on their level–it was awesome!


We read the Little Red Hen the first week of November and I’ll have to take pictures of those charts and things we did that week when I get back to school.  Last week, we read The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie (along with many versions of the story that I have collected!)  You can see this post for more details.



I also changed out my Math Work Stations last week so they reflect Measurement.  When I get back to school, I’ll take some pictures of what is in the tubs this month.

Kristen 🙂

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