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Ponds Available for Purchase

Nothing like waiting until the final hours of Spring Break to get all my projects finished!!!  I just completed work on my newest unit that is available for purchase: Ponds!!

The unit includes:

– An Inquiry Based Pond Unit based around the 5E model

-A Literacy Work Stations Grid so you can incorporate your pond theme into your LWS

-A Pond Mind Map

-5 green and speckled frogs math mat and frogs (made for use inside a sheet protector with a dry erase marker)

-Pond Journal (for assessment purposes)

-Pond/Frog booklist with ideas for other search topics

-5 green and speckled frogs mini book

-reproducible word family dice game sheets, writing station folder cover,  and several other games and activities!

The cost will be $30.00 and will only be delivered by e-mail (PDF files).  Files will be e-mailed within 24 hours of purchase through Pay-Pal.

You can purchase it by clicking here and visiting my Kristen’s Kindergarten Store.

Questions?? 🙂

Kristen 😉

More Ponds

Hi Everyone!

I am sorry that I have not posted in what seems to be forever…but duty called and I had to attend NSTA in Philadelphia and I was busy getting ready for that, so everything else seemed to fall by the wayside! 🙂  Never fear!! I have some more pond ideas to share with you and then I will post a gallery of NSTA photos if you are interested in looking at those.

Just a few notes about the pictures:

In three of them you see where the students sorted various pond pictures into groups that they considered acceptable.  I think the two groupings that are pictured show Pond Animals/Not Pond Animals and Reptiles/Not Reptiles.

You will also see us acting out the book “Splash!” by Ann Jonas.  Several years ago, I created “masks” for each character in the story and we act it out using our pond rug!

The last picture you see is a sheet I made so that we could physically act out “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”.  The children begin with all the frogs on the log and as we say the rhyme, they write numbers below and move their frogs above.


I’m working on a Pond Unit that I will have available for sale shortly (not today, but probably next week sometime).  It will include a book list, Five Green and Speckled Frog math mats, 5E model plans, Literacy Work Station plans, a word search, a sheet of resources/materials and alternate activities.  I’ll let you know when it is posted!

Kristen 🙂

IB Ponds

Our district continues to move forward with our IB units.  My team chose to do the Transdisciplinary Theme called “Sharing the Planet”.  We incorporated ponds into it and below are pictures so far from the 7 days of our unit. Our total unit is 4 weeks long, so we’ll be done at the end of March.  I’m going to post these gallery style so they load faster and you can click on them for a larger picture.

You will see the question mark in several photos.  If you are unfamiliar with IB, the idea of the question mark is to have a place where you can put questions that your kids have and wonder about.  Lots of ideas go along with what I already know about Inquiry and we’ve decided to tie it in with Science, right up my alley!

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