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The Quails have arrived!

Our quails have hatched and are “cute as a button” thus their name, “Button Quail”!  🙂  They are adorable and it will be sad to see them go tomorrow.  Here are some pictures of the fearless first being born (his name is Indy because he was born in Indianapolis, is fast like an Indy Car driver and is “Indy”pendent!).  You will see that he/she (we don’t know the gender yet) is quite the ring leader!  We have a total of 18 healthy quails that have hatched…these are some pictures of the first batch/litter/group to hatch:

This is what happens after a long night of partying in your egg!  The shell gets stuck on your cute little head and you run around with it on!  YES–it did happen!! 🙂  Indy figured it out after a little while, but we got a great laugh out of it! 🙂

What a cutie!!

Freshly hatched! 🙂

The gang/brood/litter/group.  See how “Indy-pendent” little Indy is?  I’ll take some more pictures of the whole bunch tomorrow and get those posted so you can see all of them.

Kristen 🙂


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