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Cool Camouflage!!

You know I love all things Science (well almost all things!!) and helping my students explore the world around them is right up there!

I wanted to share this super simple idea that allows students to explore the idea of camouflage and helps them to understand why camouflage is so important to animals, insects, and sea creatures.  With some nature themed fabrics and some super cute critters, my students were able to explore why animals are camouflaged.

Cool Camouflage Pinterest

We spent about an hour exploring all the ways we could best camouflage all of these animals and insects.  It was very interesting to hear my students thinking about why they placed some of the animals and insects where they did to help hide them.  We had fun after this taking those same animals and insects outside to try to camouflage them there!

Click here to read more about our fun adventures in camouflage and to get everything you’ll need!


Indianapolis Chapter Early Childhood Conference

If you attended my Science workshop today, here is the Power Point I shared (and if you didn’t, it’s okay to look too!).  Please e-mail me or contact me by e-mail ( or by leaving a comment below. 🙂

Thanks for coming!  I hope you got lots of inexpensive science ideas to use in your early childhood classrooms!

Kristen 🙂


Science Work Station

Here are a few pictures of our Science Work Station.  We have had our first bird visitors to our window bird feeders this week so the kids are excited to watch for different kinds of birds feeding on our feeders (we have four on shepards’ crooks in the yard and two suction cupped to the window).


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Kristen 🙂

Science Work Station

Here are some photos of my Science Work Station this year:

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Observation Sheet

This is an observation sheet I’ve been using with my students to look into what our meal worms, toads, and our new guinea pigs (Kiss and Fluffy) are doing.

The children can draw a picture on the left and write a few words about what they are seeing on the right.  I’ve also encouraged my students to label their pictures if they do not want to write sentences.



If you have the ABC Print font on your computer, the lines will be ruled lines, if not, they will be regular black lines (there are 5 short lines).

This can be used for many different types of observations…not just animals! You could also use them and create science notebooks out of them. 🙂

Pictures of the guinea pigs to come soon!

Kristen 🙂

Science Center

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some new pictures of our Science Center, so here are some on several different days.  The children can visit the Science Center during our Literacy Work Station time as well as during our Discovery Time.

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