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President’s Day #4 and #5

Thursday, we completed the graph that went with our Patten Block Snowflake (PDF page under “P”).  

We also read Silly Sally and I showed the children how to act out the story using the Drama Props.  We also did Cut Up Sentences and we really got some of the sentences mixed up! 🙂  We also completed our first 6×6 Sudoku puzzle (using shapes) and have started on another one.  

We also checked in on the Monarch Butterflies in Mexico and watched a slideshow from

We watched a movie about Dental Health and will talk more about that and Nutrition next week. I reviewed some of the basic topics covered in the movie (I got it from Colgate a few years ago, along with teeth brushing booklets and toothpaste samples and coupons and a board game).  They still offer them, however you have to request them in September to be sure to get them in February each year.  They are available in English and Spanish. 

I also spent some time after school organizing my books by month/theme.  They were like this already on the bookshelf, but I couldn’t find them when I needed them, so I decided to switch to this:





I’m still working on it, but basically each month has it’s own tub/or theme has it’s own tub and they are in the order that I use them in the year.  I am in the process of dumping things out of other tubs to steal them to use for this project! 🙂  When the month changes, I can just pull the tub I need and set it on my bench and pull books from there all month long and then put it back on the shelf when I’m done with it and pull the next tub.  I also need to have a general tub for books that can be read anytime.  My hope is to take up some of the next shelf as well and add more books to each tub that are scattered around the room in several places.  Today, after school, I plan on tackling the Library Work Station to reclaim my Arthur and Clifford books–hey, those are in tubs–I can steal those tubs too! 🙂


On Friday, I had the children play a different heads/tails game:




The children had to shake a penny in their small Dixie cup and then pour it out gently on their paper.  They then had to cut out the appropriate picture and glue it on their graph.  After 10 minutes, I stopped them and they totaled up their graphs and wrote those numbers down.  We again, made a class graph to show the results of everyone’s papers and found that heads was again, most likely to come up! 🙂

I also introduced the children to a game I learned from my friend Karen Berman, called Enchanted Forest:

You will need Attribute Blocks: 


or some other manipulative that has at least two attributes (like these farm animals have two sizes and are 8 kinds of animals, and come in several colors):


Here’s how you play:

1. Each child randomly picks one attribute block (I dump them all out on the floor and have a few children at a time choose one)

2. They put the block on the floor in front of them and you look to see what attributes you have to choose from (thick, thin, red, blue, yellow, big, little, etc.)

3. Choose an attribute and do not tell the children what it is.  (for example, thin, yellow shapes)  You can pick one, two, or three attributes.

4. Have each child one at a time ask you, “Will this key get me into the Enchanted Forest?”

5. If the shape meets your criteria, then you answer yes and that child lays their shape on the floor in front of you.

6. If you say “No”, then the child returns the shape to you and you put it away.

7.  Let everyone have a chance to ask and then ask if anyone knows what the “key” was.  

8. I then put the shapes back on the floor and we play again and again and again!  They beg to play! 🙂


Have a great weekend!

Kristen 🙂

Presidents Day #2 and #3

I was out this week on Tuesday and it was just chaos in my room and I cringe thinking about the guest teacher I had that day. 😦   They did complete the Pattern Block Snowflake and several Sudoku puzzles while I was away.  You can find the snowflake on the PDF page under “P”.  Click on it twice to make it actual size.


Wednesday, I was back and we picked up with President’s Day activities again.  

The children played a game where they had to stand a penny on it’s side and then bump the table.  They tallied whether it fell heads or tails side up.  I let them do this for 15 minutes and then we counted up our tallies on our papers and wrote that number at the bottom.  We then brought our papers to the floor and tallied up what everyone had written down and made a class total.  In our room, the penny was much more likely to fall heads side up.



I got this page from a Scholastic teacher book about July I think (it’s thin and blue–they have them for all the Holidays and other special days)


We also read Silly Sally and I showed the children the drama props I have to go with the story.  We talked about right side up and upside down.  We also completed our Predictable Chart titled, “Silly Sally can…” and touch read the sentences.  Lots of the day was spent playing catch up from Tuesday when NOTHING got done…not even calendar!  😦


Kristen 🙂

President’s Week Day #1

Hi Everyone!

We had to be in school today to make up a snow day–so what better way to celebrate than with President’s themed activities! 🙂

This is REALLY a stretch, but when I was trying to come up with a Big Book to read for this week, I had so much trouble!  Finally, I settled on Silly Sally by Audrey Wood–my tie in??  Abraham Lincoln’s step mother was named Sally, but they called her Sarah—see I told you it was a stretch! 🙂

Anyway, we took a picture walk through the story and then I read it aloud to the children.

We started a new Predictable Chart, “Silly Sally can…” and the children finished the sentence.

During our math/science time, we did an experiment that lasted about 30 minutes and since it covered both topics I didn’t mind.

I gave each of the students a water dropper, penny, paper towel, a cup of water, and a recording sheet.  The students needed to see how many drops of water would stay on the top of the penny before it spilled over.  They then recorded that on their pennydroppersheet. They got to try 6 times and try to beat their previous record.  It was fun:




They did really well and wanted to keep going! 🙂


We also took a look at a poster I got with my Scholastic News that showed all the Presidents, and they were WAY into that!  I had several requests to leave it up for the rest of the year so that they could see the pictures and write the President’s names.  We also looked at several older Time for Kids and Scholastic News’ that I had from previous years and the kids ate that up as well.  

It was a really productive day today! 😉  Considering only 18 of my 26 were here today! 🙂  The flu is going around!  Yeah! 😦


Kristen 🙂

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