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Spiders 2009

After learning about bats, we moved on to learning about spiders.  During the week, we:

-read our National Geographic for Kids magazine about “Web Weavers” (October 2009 issue)

– created a spider web on the floor of our classroom using numbers to know where to roll the “silky thread” to next

-read several Big Books about spiders (one was by Melvin Berger-you can check last year’s spider posts to see specifics)

-played Halloween Phonics BINGO

-we also estimated the circumference of our pumpkin (because we didn’t get to it before)

-had our Fall Party and made cute bat and spider crafts and played a fun game with some spooky “eyeballs” (ping pong balls that were decorated to look like eyes–it was so cool!!)

Here are some pictures:





We are lucky enough to have a color copy machine, so I made several copies of the BINGO boards so everyone could play.  You spin the spinner that comes with the game and the children look for words that start with a specific letter.  I got this game from the Scholastic book order several years ago.


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