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Vote for Spring Mill!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been saving up some blog posts for you this summer and those will get posted later this week…but this one couldn’t wait!

My school (Spring Mill Elementary School) is in a contest to win $20,000 for our International Garden and Outdoor Science Lab–it needs some major fixing up! The contest is based on the number of votes and if you could take a minute to click and vote for Spring Mill, I would appreciate it!  I edited the video, so you can see some of my editing handy work too! 🙂

You can vote up to 3 times a day on the Lots 2 Give site.  Just click the link below and then scroll down near the bottom and you will find Spring Mill Elementary School.  Click on the button that says “View & Vote” and cast your vote for us!

Lots 2 Give!

Thanks so much friends!

Kristen 🙂

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