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Classroom Photos 2009-2010, Long Post! :)

I charged my batteries in the camera and took some pictures.  I’ll take you on a tour and you can also check out my photos from last year here to see the differences.

Everything is mostly in the same place, but a few things were changed.  First, I’ll start with some general views:


This is a look at my new computer area; last year the table was perpendicular to where it is now and there was a tall white cabinet in front of the back half of the blue bulletin board you see there.


Looking at my Listening Center Work Station (it’s on the backside of my writing station)


Library Work Station–I moved the book cases around and added my light up palm tree for some fun


Calendar area, bench where I sit, my Big Book teaching cart


The back of my big book cart, this is where Drama Work Station will go–tentatively, I may move it


A view of the mess that is my room! 🙂  The house, loft, my desk and a few tables


My desk, this year I stacked my filing cabinets and moved a table next to my desk.


We moved my son’s train table from home to school and it’s up in the loft now.


Here’s a view of the rest of the loft


My pocket chart stand my hubby built last year–I’ve come up with some new ideas how to use it! 🙂


I use this pencil pouch to store what ever the children are working on at Pocket Chart Work Station


Here’s the new part:  I’m using the back of the chart for Magnetic Work Station during LWS.  Below is an explanation…


Here’s an upclose view.  I just hung it on the 2nd rung down with some of those metal binding rings.


I put magnetic letters in these pencil pouches and velcro-ed  them to the stand…


Here’s the velcro


Sometimes, the children will not be using the board with the spaces I’ve defined.  Instead, they will use these sheets I made last year.


I put magnetic strips on the back to hold them on.


Here’s the desk where my student teacher will sit–do you think she has enough prizes from me?!?!


Binders–waiting for my classlist to arrive so I can write names on them and put their sheet inside for practicing their name


I signed my classroom up through TerraCycle so we can recycle our snack and Capri Sun containers.  These are some I purchased from Target to show my children.


After our first round of Getting to Know you, we will put beads into plastic water bottles with sand so the children can find the letters in their name.


This is how I’ve organized them.


Some birthday certificates I got from the Target dollar spot to recognize birthdays.


A game called Whiz Kids from Discovery Toys I will use with my kids this year.  You pick a letter and a category and then get the number of points on the letter card if you can name something starting with that letter in that category.


This shelf sits next to my bench and will be home to several Literacy Work Stations.


My small group area, parent volunteer area, and where the wonderful, amazing Pam will work!! 🙂


Listening Work Station


The tape recorder sits on top of the cart and the tapes and head phones are stored in the drawers


My basket of things for Pam (yeah!! Pam!!) to copy and pass out to the kids for me.

There it is…I’m going back tomorrow to clean up some more and work on pulling things out for my Math Work Stations and figuring out where they will go! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

Student Teacher Binder

Last year I had a student teacher and I wanted to give her something to welcome (or in some cases overwhelm her) with information about Kindergarten and our school.  I decided to make a binder for her. The binder I made for my student teacher was a 3 inch thick 3 ring binder (say that 5 times fast!).  I got some of those tabbed dividers and made sections for homework, classroom newsletters, school information (procedures/rules/meeting dates,etc.) classlist, emergency cards, calendars, lesson plan grids (I make my own lesson plan book, so I gave her a copy of it to use), worksheets, and anything gathered from our district Kindergarten meetings to share with her.
It didn’t take long to make-just a lot of hole punching! I collected things in a tub for the semester before she came and then in December all I had to do was punch holes and put it together.
I thought this was a great idea and full of information for her to have handy so she could reference it when she needed to.  I guess she was not that interested in it because she left it behind–but I’m happy to say that I will be getting another student teacher in the fall and will be happy to pass it on to him/her.  I guess I’d better start a bin now so that I can present this student teacher with a whole year’s worth of homework packets, school information, and worksheets.  I remember when I started teaching I had to beg things off my co-workers and I just felt that this way at least they would have something to start with.

What do you do to welcome your student teachers?

Kristen 🙂

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