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The Wheels on the Bus day #2

Today, we spent time singing along with the book.  The first time through, we just sang the book.  The second time, we made up actions to go along with each of the pages, and the third time, the children did the actions while I posted pictures on my flannel board that match each.  I got them from this site (scroll down all the way to the bottom and you’ll see a spot for “Printables”).

For all of you playing along from home, we’re on letter “G” with our Open Court series and we read the book called “A Farm” today.  It’s a rebus story. Tomorrow is picture day followed at the end of the day by a convocation to kick off our fall fundraiser! 😉

During Math today, I started using my Developing Number Concepts book #1 by Kathy Richardson (you can search for it at Amazon or for more info, search my site…I just love it for mini-lessons).  We spent 20 minutes with our Math Work Stations then 10 more minutes on the “Slide and Check” activity from this book.

More tomorrow…off to watch Hell’s Kitchen! 🙂

Kristen 😉

The Wheels on the Bus Day #1

This week our big book is titled, The Wheels on the Bus”.  Today we took a picture walk through the story and then I read it aloud to the children. 


We also started a Predictable Chart titled, The bus…”

During our Science time, we created a KWL chart about busses.  We listed things we knew about busses in the “K” column, and things we want to learn about in the “W” column.  I’ll update more on this as the week goes on. 


My student teacher is in the process of slowly taking over responsibilities in our classroom, so I will post the great ideas that she has as well.


Kristen 🙂

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