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Building words & the great hunt!

I found this great idea for building words on Pintrest. If I can find it again, I’ll link it here. You use divided trays and letter tiles to work on building cvc words. You place all the letters in the large bottom section and then when you build the words, you place one tile in each of the three other smaller sections.
I had a great hunt for these trays! Between my husband (who is used to my crazy ideas!) and I, we visited 13 different stores! Yes, 13! We finally found them at Meijer and at Jo-Ann’s. The solid color ones were 2 for 5.99 at Meijer and the decorated pink ones were 3.49 on sale at 50 percent off at Jo-Ann’s.






I have a total of 14 of them. They were hard to find because it is too early for them. I was advised that they will be out for summer at ,any stores. I’ve also seen them in the dollar spot at Target. I tout about using styrofoam trays, but I wanted them to last and not get picked at, but they could be a good substitute if you can’t find these!

Kristen 🙂

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