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Community Helper Word Families

We are right in the middle of our Community Helper unit and we are also learning word families, so I put the two ideas together and we sorted words (after reading them aloud) into either the -et or -ake word families. 🙂


-at family dice toss

Here is the -at family dice toss that everyone has so kindly been requesting:


I’ve left it blank so that you can write words in for any word family, sight words, numbers, etc.


***Edited to add directions***

To play this game, you program a blank die with whatever you want your students to practice.

Sight words, word families, etc.

Fill those in in the smaller boxes on the left.  The children roll the dice (you can use two dice for word families if you want, divide up the words into initial consonants and word family parts)  bl (on one die)  ow (on the other die).

When the children roll a word, they make a tally mark in the box next to the word and roll the word again.

Hope this helps! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

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