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Writing Materials

The day before Winter Break, one of our Literacy Specialists handed our Kindergarten team this book:

After looking through the first section on writing Informational texts, I knew this book would be perfect for our new IB unit on jobs, responsibilities, and community helpers.  The children have been working hard this week to write about a community helper that they have chosen.

We began by talking about ways that we can find information about topics we would like to write about.  Next, we moved on to writing down facts we thought we knew about our topic/community helper (we used firefighters as a whole class example) and learning about how to confirm those thoughts by using research materials (namely books).  We’ve spent the last two days looking in books to confirm facts we think we know and will continue to do that the rest of this week.

Here are the children hard at work, selecting appropriate research materials and writing down some new facts about their community helper.

As we work through this unit of writing, I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Kristen 🙂

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