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I have also created Inquiry Based Lessons for other topics, as well as link them with the Reading A-Z readers or created a reader of my own. Along with each lesson, I created a pre and post test rubric so you can measure students’ growth.  Each rubric is quick!  It contains 3 learner outcomes that can be measured in various ways (through conversation, observation, etc.) and recorded on a scale of 1-5, so growth can be charted.  I also have linked most lessons to a internet resource, webpage, children’s book (s), and into math and literacy.  Here is a list of the other lessons I have created.  If you are interested in seeing a particular one, please e-mail me and I will e-mail it to you.

*~*~*EDIT: 7/5/08-I’ve uploaded several of my 5E units below and would appreciate any feedback you could provide…please note that these are my ideas, copyrighted by me and cannot be changed or altered in anyway without my written consent.  ~*~*~*

apple5e1appleunitrubric1, Enchanted Learning Books

bats1batrubric1, batbook-enchantedlearning,

insectsspidersbugs-5e, Sequencing Sheet, Rubric (includes bees, ants, ladybugs, and info on spiders)

color5e1, colorrecordingsheet, colorrubric

daynight5e, daynightrubric, Reading A-Z book (whennightcomes)

dinosaur5e, dinosaurrubric, fossilexcavationsheet

fallchanges, fallchangesrubric, Reading A-Z book (fall)

healthyhabitsand-nutrition5e, healthyhabitsnutritionrubric, Reading A-Z books (vegetables)

monarch5e *~*~Award Winning Unit!!~*~*~* (see below)

magnets5e, doesitattractrecordingsheet, magnets5e1

plants5e, plantsrubric, Reading A-Z books (howdoplantsgrow)

pumpkins, pumpkinsrubric

seasons-and-weather, seasons-and-weather-rubric, Reading A-Z books (springweather, summer, winter, spring, it is spring)

tadpole5e, tadpole-rubric, Reading A-Z book (pondlife)

Earthworms, natures-recyclersjournal ,earthworms-rubric


5 Senses

Here are a few other Inquiry Based Science Lessons I have created this summer (2008).  Please feel free to use the ideas but contact me first if you would like to reproduce or change them.





Monarch Butterflies

This is the first Inquiry Based Science lesson I created last summer (2007).  It is a 3 week lesson about Monarch Butterflies.  I submitted it into our cities’ Golden Apple contest for teachers and won! 🙂  You can read all about it on the IPL web page.

Please remember it is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or changed without my consent.




This is the sheet I created for use when designing my Inquiry Based Science Lessons for my Kindergarten students. I will be posting samples shortly of the lessons I have created.

In the future, I hope to put all of them into a book and publish them. Please leave me a comment if you would be interested in recieving a copy so that I may give that list to a potential publisher. Thanks!

Here are some examples of Inquiry Based Activities I have done with my Kindergarten students:

soaking lima beans in water for 24 hours and letting the children explore the opening seeds with magnifying glasses–they did not want to stop!!

  1. I love your ideas. I would love to do the Science Stretch Days with other k teachers. I would also buy your book if you get one published.
    Thanks for letting other teachers share your knowledge.
    Mary Spivey


  2. I am just inlove with your website. I am planning on beginning homeschooling my soon-to-be 5 year old this fall and your ideas are wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas!


  3. I enjoy your website. I will use some of your science themes in my class this year! I am very excited to have found this! THANK YOU!


  4. Fantastic website! Wonderful lessons that children will love to be involved in. Thank you so much for sharing!


  5. Jenny Rabenhorst

    I have just discovered your site and am loving your ideas. I would purchase a published book with your inquiry based ideas in it!


  6. I enjoyed your site. It’s great to see wonderful teachers educating our children.


  7. Darlinia Rickert (Matthias's g-ma)

    Love your site! I feel that I have the opportunity to be closer to my grandson during his first school year even though I live three hours away. Thanks so much. A happy grandma, Darlinia


  8. I love your site. It has got me very excited about science which had been a struggle for me with the demands of the literacy and math. thanks a bunch!


  9. There is enough science to use here for the entire year and cover key concepts. I like the idea of science stretch day. My school has just acheived STEM school status and we could use a STEM stretch day each week. I plan to incorporate some of these science lessons into STEM activities. Thanks a bunch


  10. You are a gem! Thank you so much for the myriad of inspirational ideas!


  11. Thanks for sharing!
    I was wondering what you did with the composting/earthworms? I could just pull up the journal pages not the unit outline. I was thinking of starting a classroom compost in my room next month to tie in with my plant unit. Would love to know what you did with it!


  12. Your site is great! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

    Liked by 2 people

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