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I love having my children’s books down at a level where they can be enjoyed by all!  I got so tired of reorganizing the books each and every time we read them and quickly put them away.  Since so many of them were the same type of book (Arthur, Franklin, Clifford, ABC, Theme, etc) I wanted some way to show my students where the books belong.  I made these labels for my bins (plastic shoe boxes) and attached them with velcro, so I could change them out when needed.



Capital and Lowercase Recognition Games

I use these mats as part of a Literacy Center early on in the year.  I print out letter cards or give the kids magnets and have them sort by capital/lowercase.  I ask in these two different ways to assess a true understanding of skill mastery.




This is a sheet I made a few years ago after attending an Indiana State Kindergarten Teachers Conference.  I print it out and laminate it and the kids use it with a magnifying glass.  They read the words outloud.  This year I will have them use it in conjunction with a letter discovery bottle.  They will need to look at the word, and then roll the discovery bottle around to find the letters inside that spell it and cross it off the sheet with a dry erase marker.  We called our sight words “Frog Words” because they “hop” out at us in books and in our world.



A few more things I’ve collected…

Some ideas for Literacy Centers…


Labels I use for my kids Writer’s Workshop folders.  I use the Lucy Caulkins Writer’s Workshop program in my Kindergarten classroom with great success and the kids love it too!


I also love my Building Blocks!!  My favorite book is the Shared Reading with Big Books book.  I carry it with me where ever I go!  I’ve been using it for about 6 years now and I have developed lessons beyond those listed in the book, so I will post them as I use them in my classroom this coming school year. This is a listing of the Predictable Charts that I could use with my themes.

predictable chart tie ins


Another Innovation Book…

This one is for our theme of “Friends”



I see a…

This is a book I created to help my students with the words “see” and “a”.



Ice Cream Writing

This is a writing sheet I created for my Kinder kids to use to record their favorite ice cream flavor after we have our “Ice Cream Election” (thanks Karen Berman!!) in November.



Assorted Journals…

I simply cannot so a math or science activity without having my students write about it (when I say write–it means to the best of their abilities (drawing is acceptable too!)).






Baggie Book Letter

This is the letter I send home each time with my student’s baggie books (essentially a Wright Group little book in a ziploc baggie).  It has follow-up directions for each family, what to do with the book each evening and what to do if it is misplaced.



Book Report

As it often happens when parents work hard with their children, some of them come to Kindergarten already reading at various levels.  I designed this simple book report form for my students who are reading short Level 1 and above chapter books.  I wanted them to get something out of their reading and also check their comprehension levels.  This form helps me to do that.




Brown Bear, Brown Bear Innovation Books

Because Kindergarten students adore Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear books, I made these two innovation stories to continue using the pattern of the story, and integrated into other themes, Fall and Farm.



leafinnovation *~*~ New!*~*~


The Grouchy Ladybug

Another Eric Carle favorite, I use this book to introduce the concept of telling time to my students.  I print out all the pictures of the animals/insects in the book and use them with sentence strips.  I label the strips with the times written out in words and then use hand clocks in a pocket chart to show the differences in times.  I got a class set + of analog clocks at my local Dollar Tree (4 to a package) and I use those to show the children the time on a clock.



Homework Packet

This is a copy of my Homework Packet cover page.  I send homework on a weekly basis (when I taught 1/2 day Kindergarten it was vital).  I use pages from The Education Centers’ “Teachers Helper” Magazine and change the pages out yearly.  I also differentiate my homework packets.  I have 3 different levels of homework packets, Easy, Meduim and Hard.  The children are placed into fluid groups and can move from one level to the next at any time.  Each day includes time spent reading their baggie book, reinforcing skills from school (calendar concepts), and then practicing a new skill.



Kindergarten Sight Word List

We adopted the Scott Foresman reading series this year and use it as a resource in our classroom.  I also purchased a sight words kit from This list is a compilation of words our first grade teachers expect the children to know entering 1st grade, the reading series, and how they will be introduced on the Rainbow Words rainbow.



The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

This story is a favorite when we return to school from our holiday break. Included in this download/file are the pictures to help your students sequence this story.  Don’t forget to check out the other books by this author as well: The Dress I Wear to the Party (a favorite of the girls!) and more here:



“-at” Family Game

Here is a game I made for my students to practice the “-at” word family. We play this game on Dr. Seuss’s birthday, in honor of The Cat in the Hat. The children each need a copy of the “-at” family dice toss board and an “-at” family die (made from 1×1 lumber cut into cubes and labeled with a Sharpie pen).

  1. Michelle Barsema

    I am having trouble opening up the file for book bucket pictures. Do you have any suggestions?


  2. kristenskreations

    I created the book bucket pictures file as a Microsoft Word document. So my first thought would be to try to open it that way. I will try to get it saved as a pdf file (if I am able) and see if that helps.
    Kristen 🙂


  3. I thought I saw the a 6 trait writing poster on your website in the shape of a pencil-Am I missing it?
    Also where can I get the icons for the pencil?


  4. kristenskreations

    Hi Delena,
    I apologize, but I don’t think I have anything like that on my site. We only teach 1-2 traits in Kindergarten, so I have separate posters for them that I purchased. Carson-Delosa has lots on their website. To find a pencil icon, you could search in your word processing program or on the internet, just google, “pencil images”. Hope this helps!
    Kristen 🙂


  5. What does a typical day look like in your room? I guess a schedule of your day or a copy of your lesson plans for a day is what I am looking for. You have a lot of wonderful ideas but wondering how you complete everything in a day. Hope you don’t mind sharing. I work in a district that has a reading series and have assessments that need to be given weekly-seems like there is no time for themes and fun activities. Trying to make it as fun as I can for Kindergaten. I am a firm beleiver in hands on and a variety of ways to touch all types of learners but seems like its a rat race to get everything done and never time for math or science. Hope you can help!!



  6. kristenskreations

    Hi Carrie,
    I have posted my lesson plan grid on the PDF page–look for Lesson Plan Grid. Once I get home tonight (okay maybe tomorrow!) I will post a filled in copy of my plans. You will see that I do Literacy Work Stations and that is a time when I give assessments (the children at the Work with the Teacher Station will be assessed that day). I also use my Discovery time to assess the children as well. I try to keep it simple and not have them miss huge chunks of time.
    Kristen 🙂



    Pencil and the images are on Jessica Meachum’s website for writing. deb


  8. What is your Discovery time?
    What do you have set up for literacy centers? How many students are grouped together and do they visit each center every day or one a day or how do these centers work?

    Thanks again!!


  9. I am having trouble opening the Grouchy Lady Bug pictures. I am getting this message: “Quicktime and a TIFF (uncompressed) decompressor are needed to view this picture.”

    Thank you,


  10. kristenskreations

    Hi Carrie,
    Our Discovery time is at the end of the day. There are 2 children at each center.These are centers that are geared more towards play than anything the rest of the day. I have 12 of them set up: home living, blocks, thematic tubs, art center, magnets, listening center, computers, writing center, legos, leap pads, library, and games and puzzles.
    During our Literacy Work Stations time (in the AM) there are also 2 students per station. These Stations are: (some over lap with Discovery Centers) listening station, writing work station, computer work station, leap pad work station, big book work station, drama work station, library work station, games and puzzles work station, ABC work station, work with the teacher station, name work station, overhead station and handwriting station.
    All of the children visit these stations and centers everyday. I have a pocket chart set up for Literacy Work Stations with the names of the Stations and the childrens’ names. I move their names everyday to the next row in the chart and we just keep rotating them.
    For Discovery Time, I have library pockets laminated and hung on a cabinet. I have a picture of each center on the pocket and I use popsicle sticks with their names on them. I have also written on the pocket the maximum number of children who can visit the center (in the event of a sub). There are also arrows showing the rotation order (so the kids aren’t at the same center all week or 2 days in a row). My assistant moves the sticks each day and when the children are done with their snack, can come to the cabinet and find the center they need to go to.


  11. kristenskreations

    Hi Cindy,
    I wish I had an answer for you, but I was unable to convert that file (and several others) to a PDF. I think there is something wrong with the way I have uploaded them and they will not download properly. I’ve been working with this file for a long time and I’m not getting anywhere!

    To get the images in that file, I googled each of the animals in the story and clicked on “images”. I then just drug them to my word file and printed them. It didn’t take any time at all.

    I’ll keep working on it!
    Kristen 🙂


  12. Kristen,
    Do you change the activities at your Literacy stations weekly or daily? Can you give me some ideas as to what you have the children do at those stations-I know some are self explan. like listening, leap pads, etc. but what do they do at the others? Just getting some ideas to maybe change how I do things in my room. Also wondering if this is guided reading time or is it a time where you introduce a new concept to the kids you meet with? Sorry to keep asking questins but you seem to have a very organized day and at times I feel like I am pressed for time to get everything in. Do you have an assistant in your room during literacy and discovery station time? What about students who need extra review or help with letter recognition and letter sounds–do you have an AIS provider?

    Wondering if you have any ideas or activities for Arctic and snowmen theme?

    Thanks again for your time, I greatly appreciate it!


  13. kristenskreations

    Hi Carrie,
    I posted all the answers on the homepage a little while ago–I hope that it helps. I’m glad to be asked questions in the hopes of helping a fellow educator, so ask away! 🙂

    I’ve posted it under: Literacy Work Stations–Getting them Started


  14. Hi Kristen,

    Just wondering if you have a parent letter that explains your baggie books and how you do work that in your class? Would you mind sharing some info or any letters you have for those? Would like to begin them and wondering if you have some info to help make it successful.

    Thanks Carrie


    • kristenskreations

      Hi Carrie,
      I usually explain Baggie Books at our Kindergarten parents night and then start them in early September right after Labor Day. My speech that I give usually includes details on how to read the book with their child (Mon & Tues they read it to their child, pointing to the words and Wed & Thurs they read it to their parents, also pointing to the words). Some of my colleagues have parents come in once or twice a week and have them read with students to make sure that if they did not get the book read it to them at home, that at least someone is. If they loose their book, I charge them $4 to replace it. I use Wright Group and Sunshine Books as well as easy chapter books for my higher readers (Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House Tales, etc.)
      Kristen 🙂


  15. Hi Kristen,
    It sounds like you have a wonderful kindergarten program. I am in a county that is discouraging “play” in kindergarten. I have 24 students with no teaching assistant. We are supposed to do at least 4 reading groups a day. They want us to be doing the “Daily 5”. I would like your take on this, and if you think it is realistic.


  16. I am thrilled that you found my book useful! Please let me know if you have questions.
    Gina Pasisis


  17. Happy New Year! What books do you use for your take home books?


    • Happy New Year! I use old readers from our past reading series, books I’ve printed off from Reading A-Z, books I’ve bought with Scholastic points, and our district purchased us a large collection of other books children can take home.


  18. I am not finding your jacket i wear in the snow pics- do they still exist- please email to if you have time!
    Thanks so much!


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