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Fall product review

I am excited to share some products I just received from Carson Dellosa! I have used their products in my classroom for years and I am never disappointed in the quality.

First is this awesome handwriting book. I have two students who are struggling to form letters so I (and they) loved that they could practice making different kinds of lines before moving on to making letter. The activities in this book have already helped them tremendously!

Carson Dellosa also sent me several other handwriting books. The quality of these is amazing and will be great for continued handwriting practice! These are also a huge time saver because I can print off a few pages and send them home with students who need a bit more practice. I love in each of these books how large the space is for children to practice and how engaging the activities are.

I think I have every single themed notepad that Carson Dellosa has ever made so I was thrilled to be able to add some more to my hoard collection! I love using these shaped notepads to write sight words on! I write one word on each sheet and then laminate them. I then hang these around my classroom and students write the room. They learn to number their paper and write the corresponding sight word next to it. Just a fun way to practice sight words!

We love using BINGO games to review concepts we have learned about. I gave this BINGO game to one of m first grade colleagues and they had several fun rounds of BINGO happening in their room! Any time a student gets a BINGO, we love using fun seasonal stickers as a reward. The children LOVE collecting these and many have made a sticker collection on their daily take home folder!

I also use these stickers to help organize my classroom library. I place the larger stickers in the upper right corner so students know which basket they need to be returned to. This had cut down significantly on my time reorganizing books each day!

While I am sharing about books, check out this sweet new book that will soon be added to my classroom library!

My favorite thing about this book is that it is PERFECT for beginner readers! The sentences are short with lots of sight words and it is predictable text, so students can catch on quickly to the pattern and read it successfully by using pictures to help them with new words. It is a simple, fantastic addition to my library!

We had our first classroom library celebration yesterday and these crowns were a hit! The birthday student got to wear their crown all day and enjoyed receiving birthday wishes from others all around the school!

I LOVE that I only have to buy one package of crowns each year! These crowns come in a pack of 30, which is plenty even if I have new students move in later and they are from one of my favorite people, Melanie!

I am a brand ambassador for Carson Dellosa and was provided products to review.

Kristen 🙂

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