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Another idea from Debbie Diller

Another idea that Debbie Diller shared was this one about punctuation and how to help children understand what the various marks mean. I really liked this stop light version because my children can visualize the punctuation mark and then remember the color associated with it.


I tried this idea out today so that I could link the idea of finding commas in our big books with using commas in writing. I also like that it is a ready made anchor chart that the children can refer back to many times in the year. Now I just need more wall space to hang them all up! 🙂

Kristen 🙂

So much to share!

I had the pleasure of seeing Debbie Diller again when she came to talk in my district. She had some great ideas (as always) that I was able to go try in my classroom right away.


This chart is a schema chart. We listed all the things we knew about apples and such before we went to the apple orchard. I told the children that their job at the orchard was to listen for some new information they could add to their schema. Boy, did they do their jobs!

Today we took the copies of the pictures I took on our trip and glued them around the edges to make a border. Thanks to Debbie for that awesome suggestion!!!


I can see using this for so many different topics! The children were/are so proud of their work, both all the things they already knew and all of the things they learned!

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