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Using your iPad as a document camera

I did my second Periscope today about using your iPad as a document camera.  My ELMO (visual presenter) died a few years ago and I wanted to use something to replace it that didn’t have cords attached to it and that was so easy the kiddos could use it too!

I started looking for solutions and found a stand made out of lightweight PVC pipe.  I showed the directions to my husband and by the next afternoon, I (along with 10 other people) had new iPad stands. 🙂  He started taking custom orders for other teachers in my school and in my township.

Here is the link to my Periscope explaining how I use it:

Sorry about the wobbly camera! It was hard to put the iPad in with one hand and without dropping it! 🙂


I will tell you that I had my husband make me a new center pole for the stand this summer because the camera angle wasn’t wide enough to fit an entire 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper under it.  If you decide to build it, I would extend the center pole that gives the iPad height by 4-6 inches.  That has helped a lot already!

Here is the link to the directions we used to build the stand:

Its SUPER EASY to build and cost us under $15 to build. 🙂


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