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The Pencil Grip

One of the other fun things I received at the Spring Blogger Retreat in March were these pencil grips from The Pencil Grip, Inc.  I used them right away with my kiddos and they helped some of my friends A LOT! 🙂

IMG_2917What I loved most about the three grips that I got to try was that they were marked clearly with an “L” or an “R” to show where my kiddos thumbs should go.  That helped all of us remember how to hold the grips correctly.

I also loved that the grips have “stages“.  The Pencil Grip has some AMAZING downloads available on their site so you can check to see which grip is “write” (hahaha!) for you.  You can also find a chart of correct and incorrect handwriting positions, along with instructions for using the grips correctly.



This is the “Crossover Grip“.  It REALLY helps to keep those fingers tucked in and in a great position for beginning writers!  I love the “superhero cape” that’s built in and it got my kiddos excited about writing using a grip! I think I’ll have to take some paint pens and draw some superhero logos on the front to really get them going!



Next up is the “Pinch Grip“.  It works exactly like it sounds; the child pinches the grip and uses that force to help guide their pencil.  It looks a lot like the Crossover Grip; without the cape, but still has those deep pockets, perfect for perfecting proper finger placement.

Last, is the “Original Grip“.  I could tell this is the grip my students felt most comfortable with at this point in the year.  They cranked out names of students in our classroom with no trouble at all!  The Original Grip is perfect for all year use and we use them a lot in my school in Kindergarten to help correct previous writing habits.  You can get these bad boys in original, metallic, neon, and glitter too, so that makes them even more fun!

Now wouldn’t you love to win some grips of your own?  Click the link below and enter away!

Click HERE for the giveaway!

*Please note that this giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. only*

I’ll choose the winner on Saturday. 🙂


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