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A fun & easy Father’s Day Project using Neon Kwik Stix

Are you looking for a fun and easy Father’s Day project that won’t break the bank?  Check out what my son and I were able to create in about 20 minutes!

We have a tradition in our house that started 11 years ago for my husband’s 2nd Father’s Day.  Each year my son makes him art on canvas, personalized just for him.  He’s painted DAD in so many different ways, that we wanted to do something a little different this year. 🙂


We created this one of a kind subway art in just minutes using the NEON Kwik Stix (with a few Metalix Kwik Stix colors thrown in too)!  I’ve told you how much I LOVE the Kwik Stix since I received them at the French Lick Blogger Retreat in March–and I’m still LOVING them!!

All you need to complete this simple project is:

-a blank canvas (we used white, but I bet black would work too!)

-6 pack of NEON Kwik Stix

-6 pack of Metalix Kwik Stix


Begin by writing out your words (LIGHTLY!!) with a pencil on your canvas.  I had my son think up words to describe his daddy (Daddy-isms he called them!!) and I transferred as many as I could fit on to the canvas for him.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then I set my son to work tracing over my letters.  The Kwik Stix went on smoothly and we loved the texture they left on the canvas!  My son traced over each work twice because he really wanted the words to stand out.

I’ll admit, at first I was a little bothered by my pencil line showing through his tracing–my OCD!, but the more we both looked at it, the more we liked the pencil lines showing through! ❤

I just love how it turned out and we are ready to go for Father’s Day!


We did use a few colors from the Kwik Stix Metalix 6 pack as well, my son liked the sparkle they added to the neon pack and he wanted to try to make every word a different color. 🙂

The edges on the Kwik Stix made it SO easy for my son to trace the letters and get the color right where he wanted it to be.

Right now The Pencil Grip Inc. is offering a discount on their Kwik Stix and their fabulous Pencil Grips!! You can get 15% off your entire purchase, just use the coupon code YOUWIN15 at checkout!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.31.56 PM

Now it’s your chance to win some Kwik Stix!  Enter this giveaway for your chance to win one 6 pack of NEON Kwik Stix and on 6 pack of PRIMARY Kwik Stik!!

Good Luck!


Frog Street SPLASH 2016

I am so excited to be a Frog Street SPLASH Ambassador this year!  There are so many other bloggers who I’ve wanted to meet in real life, but haven’t had the chance to yet, so this will be an opportunity to meet SO many of my favorite people!

I can’t wait to get some great PD as well!! Check out all these amazing speakers!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.32.28 PM

This will be my first time attending Frog Street SPLASH, so I’ve been asking some friends who have been before to share their experiences with me!

Mrs. Hoffer has some great ideas on what to bring…and Simply Kinder shares her list of things that teachers want to do during the summer (check out #22!!), and Kreative in Life shares her goals for the summer (and one of them is Frog Street SPLASH!!)

Let me know if you’ll be there…it would be great to meet lots of you in person!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.50.18 PMkristenblogsignature

Flexible Seating

I decided to give flexible seating a try in my classroom this year and I was pleasantly surprised at how much my kiddos and I both loved it!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 2.57.21 PM

I started out by having my students choose individual places to sit around the classroom during our Writer’s Workshop time.  We kept that up for about 4 weeks, until they had the idea that they needed to choose wisely, sit away from someone they might talk with, and to sit an arms distance away from the next person.

We also used our flexible seating options during our Math and Literacy Work Stations.  The children could choose to sit in the chairs as usual, or bring some flexible seating to their work area.

The quality and quantity of work that my students produced went up during this month, so I decided that I would present them with other options to sit on.

I introduced each type of new seating individually, waiting a few days in between until the newness had worn off.  We modeled how to correctly sit in each seating choice and how and when to put it back when we were done sitting in it.

By the time we were done introducing each new type of seating, my students had these choices to choose from:

8 Scoop Chairs (Wal-Mart)

4 Chair Cushions (Wal-Mart-patio section)

2 Camp Chairs (5 Below)

2 Memory Foam Mats (5 Below)

4 Rectangular Bath Mats (Wal-Mart)

3 Adirondack Chairs (Wal-Mart)

4 Outdoor Pillows (Aldi)

6 Wobble Seats (Debbie Clement–

If you’re going to try introducing Flexible Seating into your classroom next year, here are a few tips to help you.

  1. Introduce the options over time; weeks even!  It will take time for your students to learn how to use each option and how to put them away.  Make sure you model the right way to use them, carry them, and how and where to put them away.
  2. Make sure you have a class set of clipboards or sturdy writing boards your students can use to finish their work on.  My students made three stops to collect everything they needed; their seat, their clipboard, and their work.
  3. Show your students how to choose wisely when trying to find a place to sit.  Sit near someone you will not talk to, and sit an arms distance away.  They will still be near enough to ask for help from each other, but far enough away to not chat so much.
  4. Don’t give up!  It will take time for you (and them) to learn to manage the responsibility of choosing their own seating!


Next year, I’m going to add in some standing height tables and some floor sitting height tables (by raising or lowering the legs on my existing tables).  I still want to keep 1-2 tables as is, for my students who prefer that as well.  I’ll be posting pictures as I make that move in late July!



Engaging Young Writers Chapter 3

Welcome back for Chapter 3 of our Engaging Young Writer’s book study!  I am learning lots of new ideas and “entry points” to help even my most reluctant writers catch and keep the writing bug.

Here are the questions for this week:

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.12.54 PM

My school is an IB World School, so we are often looking at our studies from a global perspective (that can include our school; outside our 4 walls, our community, city, state, country, and world).  One of my favorite studies this time of year is learning about where our food comes from.  Each one of my students pick their favorite food providing animal, “research it” (through different resources; in print, online, talking with experts, etc.) and then write a booklet about it to share their learning with others.  This activity is always a great entry point for my reluctant writers; they love to pick their favorite farm animal to learn more about it.

To add a twist to this writing activity this year, we are also going to participate in a barnyard related performance for our families.  Each classroom is going to pick a farm animal, learn all about it through research, and share that learning with their families during this performance.  They will also create small paintings of our chosen animal and we will “auction” them off for $5-$10 each to their families.  The money we collect will go towards purchasing the animal we studied about for a family through Heifer International.  My students will have several entry points during this activity to share their knowledge!  In addition, we will also visit a dairy farm and our state fair grounds to learn more about these farm animals and see them in real life!

Although we will choose an animal to write about as a class, my students will have the opportunity each and every day to become an expert on one (or more) of these animals.  They can choose to create and start a new booklet whenever they choose to move on to the next animal, or they can create more complex, in-depth texts about one animal.

This will look very different for each of my writers because we have a wide range of skill levels! Some children will write a book using only illustrations, some will include illustrations and beginning or ending sounds.  Some will make lists and my higher students will have 1-3 sentences per page in their booklets.

We will include our books in our Informational Text/Research Writing unit and work on them for 4-6 weeks as we continue to gather more information through our whole group, small group, and field trip studies.




#TeacherFriends chat

Don’t forget to join us tonight for our weekly #Teacherfriends chat!

Here are this week’s questions to get your started. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 4.44.20 PM

Come chat with us about Positivity, Play, & Passion!  @dawnbraa will be our guest tonight.

We always have a GREAT chat, get LOTS of new ideas (on average, I have at least 10-15 new ideas to check out after each chat), and make great NEW #Teacherfriends!!

See you there!


Tweet Chat

Don’t forget to join us tonight for a great tweet chat practice with Deb Chitwood.  Deb is an expert in the area of Montessori!  I can’t wait to learn more about Montessori–I’ve been getting back to more Montessori type activities in my classroom recently.  Use the #teacherfriends to find us on Twitter (or use TweetDeck for an easier time). Here are the questions that will help lead the chat today!

Kristen's Kindergarten |


Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

If you haven’t heard, TPT is having a Back to School sale!  The fun starts on August 3rd and runs through August 4th.  I’ve put my entire store on sale…it would be a great time to grab my Interactive Number Line and my Stamp a Letter, Word, or Number!!

BTS TPT Sale 2015

Don’t forget to use the code BTS15 to save 28%!!

Interactive Number Line

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 4.56.10 PM

Stamp a Letter, Word or Number

Stamp a Letter, Word, or Number Preview

And don’t forget to join us on Tuesday for a Back to School chat with Scott Wiley!  Use the #teacherfriends tag to “see” us on Twitter!! 🙂  Lots of great prizes will be given away. 🙂



#TeacherFriends Chat

Don’t forget to join us Tuesday night for our weekly #TeacherFriends chat! This week, we will be chatting with Randee Bergen about Writing and the Writing Process.

TeacherFriends Logo

Here are the questions we will be discussing if you’d like to get a head start on scheduling or thinking about them. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.23.09 AM


Tuesday Tweet Chat 6/23/15

I hope you’ll join us for another exciting #teacherfriends chat tonight! We start with a slower chat at 8:30 EDT and our guest will join us from 9:00-10:00 to talk about Brain Based Learning.  Our guest tonight is Dr. Ellen Weber.  Dr. Ellen is renowned for her work in brain based communication and learning and we are excited to be able to “pick her brain” this evening to learn more about what we as teachers can do in our own classrooms.

TeacherFriends Logo Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.59.50 PM

Don’t forget there will be prizes as well!

Next Tuesday is our 1 year #teacherfriends Birthday Celebration and we are HARD at work planning lots of surprises for you! See you tonight!

**New to Twitter? Here’s a tutorial to help you get started on TweetDeck (a simple way to see the chat)


Tuesday Tweet Chat

Join us today for a chat with our very own #teacherfriend Kim Vij! We will be chatting about Pinterest for Education!

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 11.48.01 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 11.48.53 AM

Don’t forget!!! There are prizes too, so be sure to come enter to win them! 🙂


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